Imaginion Photography
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We are believers, dream chasers, lovers, best friends, Netflix worms, in love with cooking at home, addicted to documenting all our life through the lenses of our cameras, and on location photographers!
We take our cameras everywhere. We enjoy hanging out and having the chance to know awesome people through taking their photos. Our goal is to make a meaningful connection with the people we photograph and enjoy every single moment of it. 

Marzi's Story
I love taking photos of ordinary objects and moments that nobody pays attention to. I always look for ephemeral moments that vanish in a blink of an eye. I enjoy taking photos of shadows and lights. They change rapidly and I feel great whenever I can capture a good one.
Whenever I am not taking photos, I work on my other art projects. I am a printmaker and drawer. I love printing and drawing on fabric and transparent materials. I also find stitching on my artworks very meditative and intriguing. I am also interested in layering my pieces and creating a sense of movement and passage of time in my work. 
I am a tea lover. I have a cabinet full of tea containers and I enjoy a good conversation when I drink my evening tea. 
I am an immigrant. I have a lot of stories to tell. I like to find friends from other nationalities, eat great ethnic food, and get to know different cultures. 
Mohsen's Story
A computer science PhD, traveler, gamer, coffee drinker, cheese lover, sci-fi worm, and by all means a nerd. It just so happened that the point and shoot camera I bought when I was 19 had manual controls. A month later, I started experimenting with shutter speed, ISO, and aperture when I needed to shoot Isfahan's Naghshe Jahan Square at night. I was amazed at what a 2-second exposure on my inexpensive camera could do in such low light. Who knew, right? That was the first spark that started me on the most unexpected path: photography.
My love for photography started with landscapes and a photo blog at I taught myself all kinds of techniques through years of experimentation. For me, landscape photography is all about emotions, thoughts, and reveries, and my sole purpose is to convey these as well as possible. To achieve this I often edit my shots for hours, with an especially obsessive taste which can sometimes frustrate Marzi!
After 6 years of landscapes, Marzi pushed me to start shooting people. With her beautiful artistic vision and knowledge, we hope to build something great and unique. Hopefully you feel the same about our work.